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Automated sewing machines get the job done quickly and accurately

Automated systems are robotic sewing machine components which increase the speed and efficiency of sewing projects. Since they are programmed ahead of time, they're designed to save time and money by reducing errors and sewing time. Kiko offers a variety of automated sewing systems, available for purchase by calling us at (626) 350-8934 or by contacting us on our Contact Page.

Automated systems can offer the following advantages:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency with a reduction in material costs
  • Avoid stitching errors
  • Increase stitching quality
  • Accelerate the sewing process
  • Save time and production cost
  • Reduce waste

Are you or your business interested in our automated sewing systems or processes? Kiko works with a number of suppliers and name brands to bring our customers a wide variety of top quality products and services.  Modernize your production and contact us today!

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Kiko Sewing Machine Automation strives to provide the very best equipment for our customers. From high quality raw materials, to expert craftsmanship by our employees, our custom designs and fabrications are always top notch. View some of our previous work on our Full Gallery Page.

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