Machining and Table Top Services

We can design and manufacture any custom part you need

Our Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)/Computer Aided Machining (CAM) capabilities allow us to produce the best quality products that withstand high tolerances. We formulate our products using the best top grade material to produce the best quality with the best results.
Our ammentities:

  • Full CNC machine shop
  • Weld parts
  • Cut parts
  • Manufacture parts
  • Repair
  • Modify
  • Create prototypes
  • Compose small quantity productions
  • Assembly
  • CAD/CAM support
  • Inspection and quantity control
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Parts are made from top quality material
  • Incorporate pneumatic components
  • All parts produced to specified tolerances

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Kiko Sewing Machine Automation strives to provide the very best equipment for our customers. From high quality raw materials, to expert craftsmanship by our employees, our custom designs and fabrications are always top notch. View some of our previous work on our Full Gallery Page.


We train and provide efficient instructions so you can get the most out of your equipment

Advances in technology within the sewing machine industry have gone further than the traditional push the pedal and sew. The merge between the sewing machine and technology are becoming more profound everyday. For this reason, we offer seminars in all types of sewing machines. Services ranges from mechanical repair to specific programming.

  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Will travel
  • Hands on project specific training
Rear view of large group of business people on a training. Focus is on foreground.

Operations Consultation

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable so we can help guide you in any of your business ventures.

He always have the best ideas

Our many years of experience in the sewing machine industry enables us respectively consult with you on your business endeavors to make your organization more efficient and cost effective.

  • Trained efficiency experts
  • Travel internationally
  • Hands on project specific training
  • Cost analysis benefits

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