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Kiko's Tabletop Services

Customizing machine inserts and table tops to capitalize your machine’s capabilities

Larger sewing surfaces are essential for cutting and pinning fabric by providing a bigger out feed area; making projects with large, bulky, and/or heavy materials easily manageable.

Kiko provides custom tabletop services that are distinctively designed to your particular comfort and material necessities. From full table design and manufacturing, to inserts and custom pieces, we produce any custom design to suit your needs.

If you would like to know more about Kiko’s custom sewing machine tabletop services, we are available by phone at (626) 350-8934 or by email through our Contact page.

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Kiko Sewing Machine Automation strives to provide the very best equipment for our customers. From high quality raw materials, to expert craftsmanship by our employees, our custom designs and fabrications are always top notch. View some of our previous work on our Full Gallery Page.

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