Vi.Be.Mac 2516V4DCT

Automatic back pocket setter




Vi.Be.Mac Model 2516V4DCT OVERVIEW:

The 2516V4 DCT applies any kind of pre-pressed patch pockets on jeans and casual trousers, army-pants and work wear. It is equipped with Mitsubishi PLK-G direct drive double needle lock stitch sewing head, with shuttle hook and thread trimmer. The first worldwide double color device patented by Vi.Be.Mac. allows to stitch with 2 threads in 2 different colors in one single sewing cycle. The patented loading-holding system allows the complete freedom of style of stitching any kind of pattern the fashion style requests. The cost of the moulds is the cheapest worldwide, delivered by Vi.Be.Mac. in 3 working days, they can even be made locally. It is possible to stitch any shape of pockets (round, square, pockets with zip, asymmetric pockets), it is possible to apply labels, to sew darts and pleats, aps, labels, to embroider back pockets, patch cargo pockets. By means of the user friendly touch screen panel it is extremely easy to create any kind of pattern desired, it’s also possible to purchase a software to create the patterns on the PC or to send a sketch to our pocket design department and have it sent in maximum 24 hours ready made, download it on a ash memory stick and upload it on the machine.


  • Sewing Head: Mitsubishi PLK-G30 MAXI Vi.Be.Mac.
  • Max Sewing Area: 305 X 250 mm
  • Clamp Sewing Area: 250 X 247 mm
  • Stitching Length: from 0,1 to 20 mm (0,1 Step)
  • Max Sewing Speed: 2800 rpm (single needle version), 2500 rpm (double needle version)
  • Time Required To Change Clamps/Moulds: 5 min
  • Easy Design Program
  • Application: light to medium, medium to heavy, stretch
  • Storage Of Pattern Data In The Memory: 512 patterns in the internal memory + Usb Flash memory stick
  • Product Counter: up / down system (0-9,999)
  • Power Supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz
  • Sewing Machine Motor: Ac Servomotor Mitsubishi 750w (Direct Drive System)
  • Control Box: Mitsubishi PLKGCU20
  • Air Consumption: 6 L/min


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