Brother BAS-311H07

Direct Drive Programmable Pattern Sewer for Heavy Materials




Brother Model BAS-311H07 OVERVIEW:

This model provides stable, high quality sewing with energy savings. Enlarged 150mm x 100mm enables a wider range of applications. For extra heavy duty applications, including belting and automotive.

  • 150mm x 100mm sewing area
  • 2,800 stitches/minute
  • Rigid Feed for stable stitching
  • Extra Heavy Duty Applications
  • Powerful (550W) Servo Motor
  • Minimum Stitch length from .05 mm
  • Adjustable work clamp and feed plate
  • Energy Saving


Stitch Length .05mm - 12.7mm
Max. sewing speed 2,800 stitches per minute
Rotary Hook Double capacity shuttle hook (Standard shuttle hook is option)
Presser foot lifter mechanism Max. 22mm; Intermittent 2-4.5mm, 4.5-10mm or 0 (defualt setting: 3mm)
Motor AC Servo Motor 550W
Power Source Consumption Single phase 100V/220V, 3-phase 200V/220V/380V/400V/400VA (For single phase 100 and 3 phase 380V/400V, trans box is required)
Weight Machine Head: 196.60 lbs.; Operation panel: .88 lbs., Control Box 19.8 lbs (differs upon destination)
Weight (Machine Head) 196.60 lbs.


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