Vi.Be.Mac 2262HP

3 needle reverse lap feed of the arm unit




Vi.Be.Mac Model 2262HP OVERVIEW:

Developed in order to fulfill the demand of the customers for launching a reverse lap feed of the arm, the 2262HP is the “sister” of the most famous 2261HP. It’s strong, fast, precise, consistent in the stitch length even on the thickest parts! The 2262HP is a reverse-arm lap felling unit, 3 needle chain stitch, for double lap seaming on jeans, casual trousers, work clothes and denim clothes in general. This machine is particularly suitable to sew back yoke, back rise, inseam and out seams, plus top stitch operations. It does not have rivals also when used for shirts.

Technical Features

A special belt puller grants very fast feeding and perfect matching between the sewn parts. After the sewing, the puller device is like a guide for the chain coming out. It will control and guide the chain into the chain cutter device. In terms of productivity, 2262HP can work at 4000 rpm, this high speed can be achieved thanks to several outstanding features, like oil feeding lubrication, design and construction quality, puller device and a special sensor for the dynamic pressure presser foot control (DCP system). The above mentioned DCP system avoids all the skip stitching troubles also on the crotch double thickness, the most critical point for every feed of the arm machine existing in the market.

The machine’s features can be listed as follow:

  • Always High And Constant Quality: thanks to the special & patented DCP system, the stitching length will be constant and the operators job much easier (no need to pull/push to match 2 parts)
  • Higher Production: the unit’s speed (4000 rpm) associated with the smart puller system and chain cutter allows a production incomparable in the market!
  • Great flexibility: different needle gauges grant maximum flexibility, the machine is able to sew heavy materials but it is also possible to modify it by purchasing the light fabric kit.
  • Pneumatic trimming device with sensor


  • Max Sewing Speed: 4000 rpm
  • Stitching Length: from 2,1 to 4,2 mm
  • Standard Needle Gauge: 1/4” (6,4 mm)
  • Optional Needle Gauge: 9/32” (7,2 mm)
  • Sewing Head: Yamato 3 needle chain stitch
  • Power Requirement: 220V Single-Phase 50/60
  • Sewing Machine Motor: Mitsubishi XCG 554 20Y - 550W
  • Control Box: XCG MFY 2005
  • Air Consumption: 3 L/min


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