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With the advances in technology today sewing machines are not exactly just push the pedal and sow. Sewing machines have meet technology and are advancing every day. For this reason we offer seminars on all types of machines. This service ranges from mechanical repair to programming these computerized machines. - Knowledgeable support team - Will…
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With our CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drafting / Computer Aided Machining) capabilities we are able to produce the best quality product with high tolerances. As a part of the type of quality our company produces we also use the best top grade material. We can design and manufacture any part you need made. - Full CNC…
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Special Systems

-Need something that you have in mind.. -Special application -Machine conversions/expansions -Machine X/Y system replacement -Quick-Changes for tooling We can make it!!!
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Operations Consultation

With our many years of experience in the sewing industry we are able to consult with you on different types of operations or approaches in order to make your organization more efficient and cost effective. - Trained efficiency experts - Will travel internationally - Hands on project specific training - Cost analysis benefits
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